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Limited Partnerships are investment vehicles formed to acquire, operate, and sell assets for the benefit of the partners. In a Limited Partnership, one or more “general” partners manage the business while “limited” partners contribute capital and share in the profits but take no part in running the business. General partners are personally liable for partnership debts while the liability of limited partners does not extend beyond the capital they have invested. Partners are entitled to receive distributions of operating cash flow as well as distributions from the sale or financing of assets as outlined in the partnership’s limited partnership agreement.

Unlike stocks and bonds, Limited Partnerships are not listed on an exchange. They are illiquid assets with a relatively limited secondary market. Consequently, reliable pricing information is typically very difficult to obtain. Our experience facilitating sales in the secondary market for Limited Partnerships, our database of information on past transactions, and longstanding relationships with traders of Limited Partnerships, 1st Trade can help facilitate efficient pricing for both buyers and sellers.

Maintaining Relationships

In addition to providing pricing information for Limited Partnership transactions, 1st Trade maintains relationships with General Partners of many partnerships. These relationships can be critical in effecting smooth and timely transfers.